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Founded in 1996 as a drywall contractor with two employees and a truck, explosive growth and a professional approach propelled Greymane into a wide range of opportunities. By 2001 we were operating as a fully-fledged construction company out of a brand-new warehouse, office,
and Builders’ Supply facility on Bakery Lane.

Our sincere commitment to staff development and the local construction industry has fostered a work environment which attracts and retains top talent. Greymane’s management team are formally trained and exceptionally experienced in the construction sectors we choose to focus.

We have been early adopters of technology in the office and the field, using it to augment our comprehensive formal processes and procedures. We have the tools and the competence to manage the most sophisticated projects for the most demanding clients.

We have become experts in a wide array of construction solutions, driven by the desire to improve the built environment and an awareness of how important it is to our clients. As a commercial construction specialist, we work collaboratively with designers and customers to develop spaces and buildings which inspire their employees and customers. We are Building Inspiration together!

Over 25 years of evolution we have cultivated unique core values:


We train and develop our staff. We are committed to our core processes. We are experts in our fields. Our worksites are safe. We produce clear and accurate briefs at the start of our projects and provide regular updates and thoughtful advice. Our professionalism is reflected in everything we do.


Core drilling on a Sunday. Deliveries at 5am. Working through the night. These are a few examples of what we do on a regular basis. Our business clients rely on their spaces to impress their customers, inspire their team, and deliver on their commitments. This understanding feeds a dedication to helping our clients achieve their goals.


We focus on defining expectations quickly and comprehensively. We do it right the first time. We directly employ many finish trades to maintain control of the most important elements of a client’s space. We are preferred by designers, clients, and building owners because we are
committed to their success.


We tackle every project with a spirit of fairness, teamwork, and cooperation that is infused throughout our organization. Our employees are valued, appreciated, and accepted for who they are. Most of our business is with repeat clients and designers who appreciate our collaborative approach.




If you are interested in building a career in the Bermuda construction industry, please email your resume and cover letter to:

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